Maki Sandals are thoughtfully designed and handmade in Bodrum, Turkey by expert craftsmen with time-honoured ancient techniques. They are minimal in aesthetic, timeless, comfortable, colourful and above all happy. The process of making your favourite sandals goes a little something like this:

Maki Sandals, colourful and happy!


All our sandals are handmade from a range of fine quality genuine calfskin leather that come in beautiful colours. Maki’s distinct colour combinations; tone on tones, single bolds and contrasts are inspired by four elements of the Mediterranean: Sea, Maki, Sky and Sun.

Diagram of the handmade sandal process and components.

The straps have no lining so that your leather stays true to itself. You will notice that the backside of the leather straps are slightly fuzzy - a natural nap that allows the leather to maintain its soft and natural feel. Having no additional lining also provides greater comfort and breathability when in contact with your skin.

The insole is lined with a layer of padding and finished with a layer of leather. The padding is especially integrated not only to the heel but to the whole surface of the insole to ensure softness and comfort.

Handmade process and leather scenes from the workshop.

You may notice tiny pin holes on the insoles. These holes subtly hint at the hand making process. Unlike machine made sandals, during the traditional process of handmade sandals, the insole is temporarily pinned to the shoe last from two to three points. This enables the stretching and shaping of the straps accurately, a process that relies heavily on the skill and strength of the craftsman. Once the insole and straps are fixed, the pins are removed, exposing the pin holes that you see on your sandals. We like to think that this is a unique trademark stamp of the craftsman who carefully made your sandals.

The sole of your sandal is comprised of a single thick layer of durable leather that doubles at the heel. There is an additional layer of 4mm anti-slip natural rubber heel, which helps absorb pressure as you walk while providing a subtle lift. All of these elements ensure that your sandals provide durability and comfort. After some rigorous testing of Maki Sandals on our part, we can proudly say 'your feet will be thanking you this summer!'

Stamp trials of the Maki Sandals logo under the sole and the sandal displayed on a shoe last.


Your Maki Sandals are lovingly and eco-consciously packaged into a Maki branded recycled kraft paper box; a naturally biodegradable product. Your box will contain a duster bag for your sandals and belts so you can store them and travel with them easily.

We hope you will take your Maki Sandals everywhere, even to the sun and back!


Environmentally conscious packaging displayed with the content.