• Use the chart below to choose your sandal size. Measure your FOOT LENGTH from heel to toe, with your heel flush against a wall as shown in the diagram below. Always measure both feet and use your longest foot as your benchmark.
  • NARROW FIT - For a more comfortable fit, choose one size up from your measured FOOT LENGTH if you measure a half size. For example, if you measure 24.2 cm, instead of size 38 as suggested in the chart below, we advise you choose size 39.
  • Our Maki MULES are also NARROW FIT. For a more comfortable fit, please choose one size up from your measured FOOT LENGTH especially if you would like to wear them with socks to keep your feet toasty in cooler weather.
  • Our sandals are made of real leather so the straps will soften and mould to your feet over time. After wearing them for 1 to 3 days you should feel a noticeable difference in the stiffness and tightness of your sandals.
22.0  22.4 2   35 5  
22.5  22.9 3 36 6
23.0  23.4 4 37 7
23.5 — 24.4 5 38 8
24.5  24.9 6 39 9
25.0  25.9 7 40 10
26.0  26.5 8 41 11


    Instructional diagram of how to measure foot.


    • Our belts come in one size, measuring 100 cm (39 inches) in length and 2 cm (0.8 inches) in width. There are no punch holes as the ones you see in conventional belts. The gaps formed between each braid function as punch holes, allowing for a higher variety of fitting options.
    • During the first few times you buckle your belt, you may need to apply some pressure as the braid may be slightly tight. With use, you will quickly notice that the braids will loosen up and buckling will be a lot easier.